No. 2 Gude Road Garden City G.R.A Mubi North LGA Adamawa State
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No. 2 Gude Road Garden City G.R.A Mubi North LGA Adamawa State

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Welcome to GOGGOJI ZUMUNCHI DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (GZDI), a national-level non-governmental organization dedicated to catalyzing positive change within the thematic sectors of Protection, Livelihood, Health, Education, Food Security, and WASH. Our mission is deeply rooted in fostering health treatments for women (maternal/lactating), children, and youths, preventing new infections, addressing protection concerns (GBV), mitigating its impacts, reducing illiteracy, and empowering communities to overcome hunger and poverty.

Our vision is to cultivate communities where individuals actively engage in resolving problems and challenges that hinder their well-being and development, fostering an inclusive environment without discrimination.

GZDI is on a mission to assist and empower disadvantaged, vulnerable, and marginalized individuals in Nigerian communities, guiding them to overcome challenges related to poverty, ill health, protection, and more. We achieve this through enlightenment, active participation, empowerment activities, collaboration, and networking.

At the heart of GZDI are core values that guide our actions:
– Results: We are committed to achieving tangible and positive outcomes.
– Transparency: Our operations are open, ensuring clarity and understanding.
– Honesty: We uphold honesty in all our endeavors.
– Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences.
Join us at GZDI as we work towards creating a brighter, more equitable future for all.